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Why We Sold Our Campground When We Didn’t Think We Wanted To.

When we bought our campground several years ago, it was very run down and barely making ends meet. We bought it with the intention of fixing it up and selling it for a profit. But after putting that much work into renovating the campground, we grew attached to it and to the group of regular families that stayed there. Eventually, we lost sight of our initial goal of being campground flippers and became campground owners.

Not long ago, we were laughing about how we came to own and operate a campground and that laughter opened up a serious conversation: Should we sell our campground?

It was what we planned to do in the beginning but was it what we wanted to do now? There were many upsides to keeping our campground. The biggest one was that it was profitable. We made a very comfortable living running the campground. The second, but it was almost as close as the first was that owning the campground let us work for ourselves. It was hard work but it was for something we owned.

At first, it seemed like keeping the campground was the best thing for us as there seemed to be few drawbacks. Then we started to think about the small things we weren’t able to enjoy since we were small business owners. For instance, even though the campground was profitable, we weren’t able to hire lots of additional help and this meant one of us had to be at the campground pretty much 24/7. Also, we hadn’t been on a vacation since we purchased the campground. The more we talked the more it seemed going back to our original idea was the best thing for us. It took a little doing and we took a long route, but in the end we were able to achieve our original goal: Purchase a campground, renovate it, and flip it for a profit. Now we’re on to our next business adventure.